Cold and Flu Remedies

Essential Oils for Cold and Flu

There are plenty of beneficial essential oils for cold and flu relief on the market.

Since we changed our diet several years ago, we have jumped off the cold and flu hamster wheel. I am not saying that we don't get sick every so often, but we no longer cycle through from one cold and flu virus to another.

For the typical cold and flu symptoms, I always recommend trying elderberry syrup first to stop it in its tracks, adding a zinc tablet if necessary to yogurt for an extra boost. Also, a really high dose of vitamin D really helps. There have even been a few studies supporting the use of vitamin D to bypass contracting COVID-19.

But, I still find that essential oils are quite helpful when facing the cold and flu bug. Some of them I diffuse into the air during the day and at night. Others I give to orally (see Essential Oil Antihistamine).

I do personally prefer and sell the Young Living Oils, but other more frugal brands which are pharmaceutical quality are Plant Therapy and Edens Garden, which you can purchase at these links. These brands do work, and I have used them extensively. Pick and choose which essential oils you have on hand, based on your family's needs (and budget!).

Use Essential Oils For Many Things

You can use essential oils for so many things. They are multifaceted and work well in the body and in keeping your home sanitary and bug-free. Try some of these options before someone in your family gets a cold or flu bug.

Use as a room deodorizer

Always have at least these three essential oils on hand

Try these five essential oils specifically for chest congestion

Using essential oils for attention and focus can help some kids and adults

Make your own thieves essential oil

Essential oils to balance your mood

Try these roller blends for your family's health and wellness

There are many more! These are just a few ideas you can use essential oils for.

Here are some beneficial essential oils for cold and flu relief

For General Congestion and Discomfort:

You can use any one or a combination of these by diffusing them into the air or rubbing them on the feet, chest or back, or even the temples of the head or forehead.

For Fever Relief:

Try these beneficial essential oils for cold and flu symptoms or fever. Most are minty and help cool the body down.

These can be applied to the forehead, temples or back of the neck, or even the bottoms of the feet. You may also wet a towel or rag in water, mixed with these oils to apply to the neck and forehead to assist in cooling the body)

For Headache:

You can apply these beneficial essential oils to the temples, forehead, or back of the neck for relief.

Boost Your Beneficial Essential Oils with...

Finally, you can also add any of these beneficial essential oils to a glass of water, and add stevia for a healthy way to boost fluids during any illness.

Not only will you find immediate relief, but using natural methods boosts your overall health and the health of your family.

Further, I always recommend using high doses of vitamin C (at least 1,000mg twice a day) and vitamin D (at least 1,000 IUs a day) when sick. This boosts the body's natural immunity to ward off cold and flu bugs.

16 Best At-Home Natural Remedies

Home remedies for cold and flu help you get your family well instead of filling up with unnecessary medications. When a cold or the flu hits hard in your home, going to the doctor may make you sicker than you were before! And, forget it if all the adults are sick too.

Having the ingredients on hand to help you make home remedies, makes life easier when the family is sick. These easy recipes can be grabbed in a pinch and if you stock up on some essential items, you can even stop a cold in its tracks or make it much easier to get over.

You can drink the herbs in a tea (squirt the tinctures in water), or use essential oils in a diffuser, humidifier or vaporizer, or a potpourri crockpot. Adding raw honey and lemon to your hot beverages, of course, always add an extra boost of healing nourishment. Try these ideas out and find a boost in your immune system.


An herb well-known for bringing calm. Chamomile also settles indigestion and nausea, as well as inflammation. This can be used as a tea with a touch of stevia for a nice sweet tea that makes it a delicious home remedy. It also works well with children. You can also purchase chamomile essential oil for a nice roll-on.


Garlic is an antibacterial and antiviral which can be added to your bone broth or chicken soup. Garlic will help fight infection before it sets in. Chop it up fresh, or buy a jar of chopped garlic and stick it in the refrigerator.

Chicken Soup

Yep, don't forget this one. Yes, it is true what Grandma said. Chicken soup really does make a great home remedy. Plus, if you stock up on chicken broth regularly, you can easily defrost it for a quick pot of soup on the stove.

There have been studies done on the effectiveness of chicken soup. So, make it a good old-fashioned bone broth and you nourish the body and the gut.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar (ACV) contains many well-known natural benefits. For cold and flu, it is antiviral and can help settle a stomach.

Add some to your teas, honey or honey lemon concoctions for an extra boost in fighting a cold to mix up your home remedies.


This amazing antiviral herb is one of those things I can't believe we never used it before! Elderberry is one of the best home remedies I know.

Pop some elderberry dissolving tablets in your mouth, or elderberry gummies for kids, and watch that virus go away! Stock up for cold and flu season and I promise you won't be disappointed.


Most people drink echinacea in the form of a cold and flu tea. You will even find it on the shelves at Walmart, so stock up if you think it will help your family. Echinacea is well-known for boosting your immune system.

Vitamin C

When someone gets sick in our home, I stock up on this. Vitamin C really helps keep kids healthy in high doses and also helps them fight cold and flu. I keep chewables for the kids, and pass out doses in at least 1,000 mg at a time when there is illness in the house.

Vitamin D

Don't forget that vitamin D in the winter in particular. Vitamin D really does prevent illness. I have seen it myself in my own son. It is perfectly safe to give out in high doses like the vitamin C. I look for the dissolvable tablets for kid use.


Yogurt, especially homemade yogurt, makes some great gut boosting food. While this may not sound very appetizing for a stomach virus, this home remedy works at healing you during a cold.

When you are sick with a stomach virus, especially, don't skip the yogurt afterwards. Even if you purchase it premade, you cannot go wrong.


You can purchase the store-bought Pedialite, but you can also make your own at home. Search Pinterest for a quick and easy recipe with simple ingredients from your kitchen. It will really help when the stomach bug hits.

Citrus Fruits

A common home remedy, It goes without saying that citrus provides an extra boost of vitamin C. Squeezing it into juice or simple eating some of the fruit when sick will help you get over a cold virus faster.


Did you know that cinnamon actually helps your blood sugar even out? It does that, plus, it contains antiviral properties as well. Drink tea with cinnamon in it, or add it to some hot apple cider.

Raw honey

One of the best tasting home remedies around is raw honey. However, don't mistake this for over the counter honey, or even the sort that you just pick up at Dollar Tree.

No, raw honey also provides an antiviral effect and will even heal canker sores. Make sure the label specifically says "Raw Honey," otherwise, you might as well eat a spoonful of sugar.

Skip the sugar

Now, I know you might think me crazy, but sugar really drops your immunity. Think about it. When you sugar up your kids, how many of them come down with something? Stick to stevia or other natural sweeteners so you avoid any further illness.