10 Things Every Special Needs Parent Needs to Know About Living Healthy and Organic

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 When my little special needs boy arrived into the world, he couldn't move. He was listless because of low muscle tone, and further, he did not convert whatever food energy we could get him to tolerate into active energy. If you didn't know it was normal for his genetic syndrome, you would think he was seriously ill. It was a sad, dark season with a lot of medical treatments, 11 doctors, mostly specialists, therapies and hospitalizations. Natural and organic was not. even. on. my. Continue Reading

How You Can Find Out if Your Child Has The Gluten Antibody

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    Did you know that you could test for gluten sensitivity?   This appears to be relatively unknown, but when your body begins to fight the gluten, it releases an antibody. This gluten antibody, called gliadin, can be detected with a simple blood test, and, you can also have the test done at a private lab for as little as $99.   Dr. Rodney Ford, a doctor from New Zealand, whom I listened to on the Gluten Summit last year, discussed this briefly, however, he outlines Continue Reading

How You Know if You Have Signs of IBS And Some Natural Remedies Too!


Yes, this is what IBS, or irritable bowel syndrome, can do to you and those around you... We know this look well around our house, as most of us have been through the journey---and survived.  If you have been on this journey yourself, or someone in your family, has, you know the frustration of conventional medicine versus alternative medicine.  If you haven't, you should know.  The doctors may suggest some tests to help determine whether or not irritable bowel syndrome is Continue Reading

8 Ways to Get Your Chickens to Lay Eggs


  In memory of our Head Hen, Sally Mae, who passed away this spring. Ah, yes, the dream of owning my own egg-laying hens, became my biggest fear about my endeavor, that my hens would not lay eggs. It's true. The eggs did not just come. In fact, I had to wait nearly 5 months for our chickens to lay eggs, which I understand is a little late. But, I am not a pacifist.  I decided to solve this problem head on. I asked for answers on Facebook.  I read my books, and then finally Continue Reading

Tips and Tricks to Naturally Reduce Anxiety When Stress is All Around You

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Sometimes it takes an act of change to start the domino effect of stress relief.  Like sitting down for 20 minutes to drink a cup of tea, exercise regularly, go for a walk, or even read your Bible.  If it brings you peace and calm, then it is a good place to start. Stress can cause all sorts of medical conditions ranging from heart problems to back problems.  We all have it, but how do we manage it?  This list of ideas will help you naturally reduce anxiety, and is for Continue Reading

20 Gluten-free Side Dishes You Can Make

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  Are you overwhelmed with "going" gluten-free? I was.  I mean, have you ever read the ingredients on a package in the grocery store shelf, which you. have. eaten. for. years?  It's scary.  Do you know what they are? Here is a short list of gluten ingredients that can be found in pantry foods. modified food starch modified corn starch wheat dextrin triticale Brewer's yeast malt wheat Continue Reading

Why You Should Raise Your Own Chickens For Eggs

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I don't know how else to convince you except to show you this photo (sorry about the quality): The egg on the left is a store-bought cage-free egg and the one on the right is our own range-fed chicken egg. The range-fed egg is obviously more nutritious than the store-bought. This is a photo of my eggs for breakfast the other day, notice the egg on the left?  My little special needs son has been graciously giving everyone so many eggs that I actually ran out! Lol So, I actually Continue Reading

What kind of Sea Salt Should You Choose?

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  It is no secret that if you have any adrenal issues, you need extra salt.  Yet, you don't have to have an adrenal issue to justify using sea salt.  We tend to see salt as a luxury to use in moderation, but it really is an important seasoning, packed with nutrients our body needs for its most basic functions.  As opposed to table salt, sea salt is created by God, and contains many of the natural benefits of the water is contained in. Sea salt can be obtained through Continue Reading

5 Alternatives to Treat Depression Naturally


  There are plenty of medications out there which help fight depression and anxiety, which can be prescribed by your doctor.  They alter the production of serotonin in your brain, which impacts your brain's ability to stop depression and find hope around you. In the right circumstances, they are quite beneficial.  While there are some who respond negatively to antidepressants, and have other neurological issues, there are many who respond quite well to them.  In my son's Continue Reading