How You Can Find Out if Your Child Has The Gluten Antibody

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    Did you know that you could test for gluten sensitivity?   This appears to be relatively unknown, but when your body begins to fight the gluten, it releases an antibody. This gluten antibody, called gliadin, can be detected with a simple blood test, and, you can also have the test done at a private lab for as little as $99.   Dr. Rodney Ford, a doctor from New Zealand, whom I listened to on the Gluten Summit last year, discussed this briefly, however, he Continue Reading

The Mom Series: 12 Ways to Keep Your Thyroid and Adrenals Healthy


      We moms know a lot, and God guides our steps all the way, but sometimes we just need a little bit of wisdom beyond our everyday experiences with our kids. Honestly, I didn't want to read Adrenal Fatigue, but I finally broke down and read it because of sheer desperation! Special Needs Kid Care takes a lot out of Moms. My son and I drove 4 hours to a doctor's appointment, and by the time we made it to the hotel, I found myself revved up on caffeine and exhausted. Continue Reading

How to Survive When You Can’t Afford Health Insurance


{This post does contain affiliate links which may benefit my family's provision of medical sharing costs}   Are you still unable to afford Health Insurance, even under the new laws? Well, I can't talk much about Obamacare, BUT, I can tell you about Christian Healthcare Ministries. I've been there. A couple of years ago, when my husband was laid off, we lost our insurance.  It was that, or pay Cobra...which meant not eating.  Guess which road we chose?   It is Continue Reading

20 Essential Oils to Bring Relief to Your Home

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Do the holidays make your kids cranky? Do your kids become like little Energizer Bunnies from all the holiday excitement that gives you a headache? Did you, or Grandma or Grandpa Lou give the kids the wrong kind of foods, which only made things worse? Do your children melt down with anticipation while waiting for Christmas to come? Worse, do YOU fear the day yourself, and find that you are only filled with dread and anxiety? While there may be health issues you need to Continue Reading