15 Nutritional and Health Benefits of Coconut and Its Oil You Need

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  If food is medicine, then coconut is one food you do not want to live without. The word coconut does not appear in the Bible, but if you know anything about the Holy Land of Israel, you know that coconut and palm trees are part of the physical landscape.  What's more, it is all the rage in the health and wellness market.  Organic cold-pressed coconut oil has become easier to find, but good quality oil is pricey.  Yet, it is completely worth the price when you consider the Continue Reading

9 Ways to Start a Gluten-Free Diet The Healthy Way.


We do not eat wheat or gluten.   It was a slow realization that we had a problem.   I came down with a mysterious illness myself, a few years after my son was born.  I had a special needs son, and I was on the go, all the time, to care for him; then my body crashed and the doctors could not figure it out.   Of course, as a mom, I knew that I did not have time for that; I have a special needs son to care for.  My special needs son was on 9 medications.  My Continue Reading

The 10 Best Herbs to Super Charge Your Immune System

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 With the death of yet another child at the hands of Enterovirus, fear is gripping many.  Further, what once seemed a distant land away, Ebola has now made it to our country, and if you live in the Dallas, Texas area, or on an airplane,  it is a very real reality.  Add to that the Blood Moon, and whatever else may come our way, and fear has everyone running to the hospital.   Becoming sick with anything respiratory in a special needs child is worrisome already. Continue Reading

How a Paleo or Ketogenic Diet Can Improve Your Child’s Health.


If you have even eaten a gluten free diet using alternative flours, and you have always eaten wheat, you may think you went down the rabbit hole....I see all these gorgeous photos of gluten free baked goods online, and mine never quite taste as delicious as the photos look.  But, when I find Paleo, or Ketogenic recipes, which use almond or coconut flours, I find that the results are much better.  If you are like us, and MUST cut out the wheat, this is a way to cook that beats Continue Reading

43 Foods You Didn’t Even Know You Could Freeze


  If you read my post about how the chickens stole my tomatoes, and I don't have a garden this year, then you know I cannot say I am reaping in my own harvest.  While I don't just freeze what I grow anyway, I like to buy produce on special, and then freeze the extra.  Because, let's face it, in the organic produce world, we shop seasonally.  When it comes to fall produce, in particular, I like to store up squash and other items in the freezer to use through the Continue Reading