7 Reasons Why You Should Lose The Wheat


  Our family stopped tolerating wheat, or perhaps, we never really digested it well.  Then, perhaps it is because the wheat grown in America is so genetically modified, that it isn't easily digested by many people.  It appears that gluten-free has become a need for entirely too many people. Yes, I know nothing replaces wheat.  If you have ever had to turn to a gluten-free diet, you really know what I am talking about. We even tried non-gmo, organic wheat. We Continue Reading

15 Nutritional and Health Benefits of Coconut and Its Oil You Need

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  If food is medicine, then coconut is one food you do not want to live without. The word coconut does not appear in the Bible, but if you know anything about the Holy Land of Israel, you know that coconut and palm trees are part of the physical landscape.  What's more, it is all the rage in the health and wellness market.  Organic cold-pressed coconut oil has become easier to find, but good quality oil is pricey.  Yet, it is completely worth the price when you consider the Continue Reading

Grass-fed Meat: It’s What’s on The Table


  Sometimes we get caught up in the money of it all, because we have to!  Really, we have to be able to pay for our food... Yet, when the cost of medical care without a natural and organic diet, versus the cost of the lack of need for extensive medical care with a natural and organic diet, probably is close to being an equal match in cost.  But, it really is a transition that requires work and careful planning. Unfortunately, outside of organic fruits and vegetables, one Continue Reading

How to Get Your Omega 3 Fatty Acids On

Omega-3 vitamin capsules with fish

         Do fish supplements really work?   Have you ever wondered what the difference in fish oils is?  I mean, are they really different?  Do they make a difference in our brain function?   Many believe so there are good quality, pharmaceutical brands and that they really do improve our health.  Medical studies have proven this to be true.  When we lack omega 3 fatty acids, we can flounder in depression, obesity, Continue Reading

9 Ways to Start a Gluten-Free Diet The Healthy Way.


We do not eat wheat or gluten.   It was a slow realization that we had a problem.   I came down with a mysterious illness myself, a few years after my son was born.  I had a special needs son, and I was on the go, all the time, to care for him; then my body crashed and the doctors could not figure it out.   Of course, as a mom, I knew that I did not have time for that; I have a special needs son to care for.  My special needs son was on 9 medications.  My Continue Reading