Miracle Poop Fairy?

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  I saw this idea on a Facebook post, and then looked it up on Pinterest.  Amazingly enough, it is a real recipe, and while I haven't tried it out yet, given my special needs son's history with constipation, it is certainly worth a try!   Motivated by the idea of the Miracle Poop Fairy---is there such a thing?---I searched Pinterest for some other essential oil ideas for constipation and digestion, and here is what I found! Miracle Poop Fairy oil recipe 4 ounces of Continue Reading

10 Reasons Why I am Thankful for My Special Needs Son This Holiday Season

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    Before the days when my special needs son was born, we ate lavishly on Thanksgiving Day.  Cheese and crackers could sit out on the counter for snacks before the big meal, along with other snacks for everyone to graze. For the feast, everyone piled their plate high with seconds, and bread was always ready and available.  We could serve gobs of food, with multiple side dishes. Everyone was well-fed, and no one complained, of course. Then, my son was born with Continue Reading

3 Tips For Getting Your Kids to Eat Healthier

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                                                                Not so long ago, my sons and I were going through the grocery store check out, when the lady stopped bagging my groceries and said, "Your kids eat this?"  Her surprise registered on her face.  That day, I purchased many fruits and vegetables, including one Continue Reading

10 Reasons Why We Should Use Cinnamon in Our Recipes


    As we approach the cold and flu season, cinnamon is one of the most important key ingredients to have  in your pantry.  It boosts our immune system and support it when we do get sick. It is one of the 5 ingredients used in thieves oil, and is well-used for baking and cooking during the holidays.  However, used in sticks or ground, cinnamon really does have some nutritional benefits for healing our bodies as well, which are based on science. Cinnamon *It Continue Reading

Natural Living: Homemade Citrus Vinegar


   When I started Google*ing for dishwasher recipes, I found out that citrus helps to break down grease, and discovered that citrus vinegar was one answer.  I realized part of the reason why my original homemade dishwasher recipe left me disappointed (I still prefer store-bought, but sometimes you just gotta make your own!).  Citric acid is expensive (at least on a frugal budget), so I looked into making my own. What I found was one recipe for citrus vinegar, which Continue Reading

Naturally Healing Herb: Peppermint

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    Most of us could not imagine Christmas without candy canes and peppermint...You can even try our Chocolate Peppermint Brownie Cookies recipe, if you are so inclined! To extract its healing properties, the peppermint leaf, is seeped with oil to create peppermint the oil. We use the leaf to make a refreshing tea, oil to compliment our chocolate, and even to eradicate insects.  It is aromatic, cooling, and heals us, as well. During Continue Reading