10 Reasons Why I am Thankful for My Special Needs Son This Holiday Season

Turkey Roasting in Oven Bokeh Background

    Before the days when my special needs son was born, we ate lavishly on Thanksgiving Day.  Cheese and crackers could sit out on the counter for snacks before the big meal, along with other snacks for everyone to graze. For the feast, everyone piled their plate high with seconds, and bread was always ready and available.  We could serve gobs of food, with multiple side dishes. Everyone was well-fed, and no one complained, of course. Then, my son was born with Continue Reading

4 Steps to Making Your Own Homemade Almond Coconut Milk


Milk is considered a staple in the standard American diet, and can be found inexpensively in every American grocery store.  But, in our family, we are frequently pushed to choose between high medical expenses or buying food that we tolerate.  So, we had to let go of milk, but we chose to use it almond milk in the same way that we used cow's milk.   So, I made my own homemade version of almond coconut milk, with just a touch of stevia to sweeten it! Continue Reading

20 Alternatives to Wheat Flour and Some Binders Too

little girl and the wheat field

It is true.  We went over the edge.   We jumped over the cliff from wheat bread, pastas and the typical American-standard diet, into the sea of grain-free and Paleo-based foods.  Because of my son's genetic syndrome, he cannot tolerate carbohydrates well, and the rest of us really weren't tolerating the wheat so well anyway.  But, the holidays are coming up, and the rest of the world wants us to conform in the food arena.  They have expectations that we will just Continue Reading

How Singing May Improve Your Digestion

Half-year-old baby playing the piano and singing

  Pull out your karaoke machine, because singing may improve your digestion, or at least that is what Dr. Karrazhian told Sean Croxton in one of the interviews at the Digestive Sessions.   While, I don't think that diet has nothing to do with improving our digestion, the gut-brain-axis is really applicable to our special needs children.  Just like we have therapies to help create new neurons, we also can use singing to trigger a motility response in our bodies, or even our Continue Reading

10 Super Foods Your Kids Will Eat


    Buying vitamins, at least good quality vitamins can be expensive for the whole family, particularly if we eat pre-packaged or processed foods.  Whole food vitamins, made with organic fruits and vegetables, can be quite expensive, and let's face it, it takes extra vitamins to make up for an over-indulgence of junk food.   However, eating a daily diet rich in antioxidants and phytochemicals, can provide most, if not all of your daily vitamins, along with a Continue Reading

A Cup of Green Tea Lemonade on a Cold Winter’s Day

Lemon Tea

  While officially, the winter solstice has not arrived, the cold has finally arrived in our neck of the woods.  Green tea has much to offer in terms of antioxidants, and lemon, of course, is an overall cleanser.  So, the two mixed together in a hot tea brought just the right mix of heat and comfort. In this recipe, I used nettle tea leaves, which I bought from the Bulk Herb Store {affiliate link}, but you can choose your favorite green tea (which is generally any tea Continue Reading

Why You Should Improve Your Family’s Gut Health

gut health

What you slather onto your skin or your family’s skin, impacts your health.  Not only that, but what you put into your mouth also impacts what your health. Plus, foods that your body does not agree with, can negatively impact your health, setting you up for a lifetime of chronic health issues.  Your gut takes in what it terms as toxins which enter your body, and filters them out.  What your body does not want, or cannot use always take them out of your body. If you are like our Continue Reading

Homemade Coconut Oil Skin Cream You Can Make

final skin cream

  A few years ago, I learned how to make lotion bars.  It changed our life, because first of all, it never occurred to me to use coconut oil or olive oil on my skin, or even my children's skin. Regular lotions are made with parabens, perfumes and all sorts of unnatural ingredients.   In the summer I tend to use straight coconut oil, which soaks into the skin well, but with the decent into cooler temperatures, I decided to try a cream for dry skin.  I started Continue Reading

7 Reasons Why You Should Lose The Wheat


  Our family stopped tolerating wheat, or perhaps, we never really digested it well.  Then, perhaps it is because the wheat grown in America is so genetically modified, that it isn't easily digested by many people.  It appears that gluten-free has become a need for entirely too many people. Yes, I know nothing replaces wheat.  If you have ever had to turn to a gluten-free diet, you really know what I am talking about. We even tried non-gmo, organic wheat. We Continue Reading

8 Reasons to Drink Red Rooibos Tea


  What warms you up when it is cool and rainy outside? Red Roobios Tea, of course! I bought ours at the Bulk Herb Store in the form of Pumpkin Spice Tea, which includes red roobios in the blend. What in the world is red rooibos anyway? Well, natural red rooibos actually comes from a South African bush, with needles that turn red when they ferment.  The bush, which grows all over this area of Africa is a common drink. The locals take the needles and bruise and Continue Reading

Homemade Tart and Sweet Cranberry Sauce Recipe

Cranberry sauce

  As the leaves begin to turn, we start making our family's cranberry sauce recipe in our home.  No store-bought sauce for this family!  We love the thick homemade and natural variety that satisfies that desire for tart and sweet.   This recipe involves more than simple cranberries, but is absolutely delicious!  I would make it every day if I listened to the outcry and the supply of organic cranberries...Homemade cranberry sauce lasts less than 24 hours around Continue Reading

15 Nutritional and Health Benefits of Coconut and Its Oil You Need

coconut tree 2288837024

  If food is medicine, then coconut is one food you do not want to live without. The word coconut does not appear in the Bible, but if you know anything about the Holy Land of Israel, you know that coconut and palm trees are part of the physical landscape.  What's more, it is all the rage in the health and wellness market.  Organic cold-pressed coconut oil has become easier to find, but good quality oil is pricey.  Yet, it is completely worth the price when you consider the Continue Reading