20 Essential Oils to Bring Relief to Your Home

Essential Oils

Do the holidays make your kids cranky? Do your kids become like little Energizer Bunnies from all the holiday excitement that gives you a headache? Did you, or Grandma or Grandpa Lou give the kids the wrong kind of foods, which only made things worse? Do your children melt down with anticipation while waiting for Christmas to come? Worse, do YOU fear the day yourself, and find that you are only filled with dread and anxiety? While there may be health issues you need to Continue Reading

8 Reasons to Drink Red Rooibos Tea


Well, we ended up the week with Red Rooibos tea.I read other people's experience with it, and I saw it for sale at Bulk Herbs, but I felt like we needed other things at the time.  But, this week we received our Pumpkin Spice tea, which has Red Rooibos as the main ingredient.  I have been feeling pretty puny myself this week (Ahem!), and the tea was just the perfect pick-me-up. Plus, it is cool and rainy outside....What in the world is red rooibos anyway?Well, it is actually a South African bush, Continue Reading

The Mom Series: Changing Your Lifestyle


I am running late in writing this post, which was supposed to come out yesterday...I had to run to the store late the other night for milk.I forgot dinner and instead ate a half pint of Ben and Jerry's (Bad Mommy! Bad Mommy!)I slept horrible after that culinary experience (no surprise there).I woke up early, so I could pick up the babysitter for a shopping day.We arrived back to the house only for me to realize that I forgot to eat breakfast (nearly 11:00 now).I wolfed down a bowl of chicken Continue Reading

20 Ways to Naturally Fight Colds and Flu


Every year I find new ways to naturally (and organically) treat a cold or flu bug.  The more I use herbs and essential oils, the more ideas I find;-)   There is never a one size fits all remedy, so knowing what works in your area's resources (or your budget) helps a lot!    I made this list for just that.  You can use one or a combination of these to help with seasonal illnesses in your family's home.  You can drink the herbs in a tea (squirt the tinctures in water), or use essential oils in a Continue Reading